In order to obtain CE credits, you are being asked to complete two questionnaires prior to beginning the modules. The first explores your current practice, the questions having been modified from the original Delphi questions which were the basis of the discussions you are about to view. The second addresses team communications among personnel in your monitoring unit. Upon completion of all modules, you will be asked to complete the first questionnaire once again so that we may determine what changes you plan to institute based on your participation in this online activity. We are asking that you then address the same two questionnaires 3 months after completing the educational activity. This will help us determine if EMUCaring has, indeed, changed practice as well as the clinical environment in which you work.

We believe that EMUCaring is a unique experience that will result in improved care and better outcomes for our patients. We are using these questionnaires to document changes in clinical practice that will result from participation. This will allow us to determine the impact of EMUCaring as well as define future needs. We understand that answering these questionnaires takes time and have included this time in the CE / CME credits that you will obtain.

Thanks for your participation in this unique project, EMUCaring.

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